Your purchase and/or use of the SunTeka™ Solar Shield (the “Product”) constitutes your knowledge of and agreement to these terms. The Product is intended to minimize sun exposure (it has been tested to provide UPF50+ protection), and not recommend, for the treatment of any disease or condition. It may not be suitable for use in all environments, including those containing certain chemicals and/or hazardous agents. It is your responsibility, as the user, to determine the level of risk in a particular environment and the proper personal protection you require for same. Your use of the Product is outside the control of SunTeka. Therefore, SunTeka makes no representative or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the performance of the Product for a particular use or purpose. SUNTEKA ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR PERSONAL INJURY, OR HARM OF ANY NATURE ARISING FROM YOUR PURCHASE AND/OR USE OF THE PRODUCT. If you have any questions, please contact info@BeyondUV.com.

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