You want protection from the harmful effects of the sun, and so do we! BeyondUV Solar Shield was developed to effectively help reduce sun exposure to the driving side of the face, left otherwise unprotected.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the average American spends nearly two hours per day in the car, which contributes to a large percentage of cumulative sun damage. Despite sunscreens, head wear, or even UV window films, the driving side of the face remains at risk for increased wrinkles, brown spots, skin laxity, texture changes and skin cancers.

Sun Protection 
Clinical studies show that sunscreens may rapidly degrade and are often misapplied. As an RN who specializes in cosmetic dermatology, I recall my first chemistry experiment in nursing school. We were to to measure the efficacy of various sunscreens and SPF factors. The longest one lasted about five minutes before it started to break down… definitely an eye-opener!

Other methods of sun protection such as hats, caps, or car visors generally cover a limited, upper third portion of the face, leaving the lower two thirds unprotected. After market auto front side window UV films vary in quality and durability, and are subject to individual state DMV regulations. According to current research, a good percentage of solar rays such as longer UVA (~365nm+), high-energy visible light and Near infrared-A are still  transmitted though the tempered window glass.

Driver-side Sun Exposure
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, signs of accelerated photo aging and skin cancers are more often assessed on the patient’s left (driver) side of the face. Of primary concern are patients with photosensitivity disorders and predisposition to skin cancers. Sun protection from skin-damaging solar radiation after therapeutic and/or  cosmetic dermatologic procedures is imperative.

Sun Smart Driving
BeyondUV Solar Shield provides full spectrum protection from UVB, UVA, HEV and Near IR-A radiation. It is specifically designed to rest away from the surface of the skin for ventilation and comfort, especially for sensitive, post-procedure skin.  BeyondUV Solar Shield easily slips on/off the sunglass temple, avoiding the dreaded “flat hat hair” look so prone to headwear! The handy ‘pop out’ reversible pleat, allows for either left or right-sided use.

BeyondUV Solar Shield is rated at 100% UVB/UVA blockage by the International UPF Testing Laboratories and is made in the USA!  Ideal for driving, it is also helpful for any outdoor activity or mode of travel as an  added measure of protection for life-long healthy skin.

Be well, be safe and enjoy sun smart driving!

Terri Everest, RN, BSN

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